MA in Theology (Divinity) & PhD in Practical Ministry

The Master of Arts in Theology (Divinity) program offers a comprehensive exploration of religious studies, theology, and spiritual practices. It provides students with a deep understanding of theological concepts and equips them for leadership roles in religious organizations or further academic study.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Practical Ministry program is designed for experienced practitioners seeking advanced expertise in ministry and leadership. It emphasizes research, critical analysis, and practical application of theological principles in real-world contexts. Graduates earn a Ph.D. in Practical Ministry, positioning them as scholars and leaders capable of making significant contributions to religious communities and academia.

MA in Practical Ministry & PhD in Christian Leadership and Business

The Master of Arts in Practical Ministry program provides students with practical skills and theological insights necessary for effective ministry and leadership roles within religious organizations. It focuses on equipping individuals with the tools needed to serve their communities and address contemporary challenges in ministry.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Christian Leadership and Business program is designed for advanced study and research in integrating Christian principles with leadership and business practices. It empowers graduates to lead ethically and effectively in various organizational settings while upholding Christian values.

Upon completion of the MA in Practical Ministry, students receive a Master of Arts degree, and upon completing the PhD in Christian Leadership and Business, graduates are conferred with a Doctor of Philosophy degree. These degrees prepare individuals for impactful leadership roles within both religious and secular contexts.